Everything We Know About The UAE’s National Wellbeing Strategy 2031

Fresh insights have been unveiled from the Prime Minister’s office, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, regarding the UAE’s ambitious National Wellbeing Strategy 2031. This initiative, greenlit by the UAE Cabinet on a recent Tuesday, outlines a visionary 10-year blueprint aimed at catapulting the Emirates to the forefront of global quality of life rankings.
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The strategy heralds the launch of ninety projects across various government agencies and the establishment of five innovative centres, all dedicated to this lofty goal. Key components of the strategy include:

  • The formation of a National Wellbeing Observatory to monitor the UAE’s strides towards global wellbeing benchmarks.
  • The creation of a Future Generations Wellbeing Academy tasked with equipping government staff with the skills necessary for this innovative government work model.
  • A National Wellbeing Council will oversee the strategy’s execution, ensuring a unified approach across government entities.
  • Community Design for Wellbeing Centres will enable community members to craft policies and initiatives aimed at enhancing wellbeing.
  • The inauguration of a National Lab for Behavioral Sciences, focusing on applying scientific and practical methods to embed wellbeing into policies.

These initiatives and centres are designed to enhance the Emirates’ physical and mental health, social cohesion, educational standards, and the efficiency of government operations.

Ohood Al Roumi, the Minister of State for Happiness and Wellbeing, emphasised that this strategy marks a paradigm shift in government focus towards prioritising the wellbeing and happiness of UAE residents. This approach builds upon the foundations laid by the National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing introduced in 2016.

The strategy targets improvements at three levels: national, community, and individual.

At the national level, it seeks to foster a thriving economy and a government known for its efficiency, flexibility, and transparency across vital sectors such as education, health, and social services. It envisions vibrant, livable cities and communities, a sustainable lifestyle that conserves national resources, and a rich, diverse cultural landscape that celebrates national identity and communal connectivity.

On the community front, the aim is to nurture stable, cohesive families and a cooperative community spirit, promoting Emirati culture and identity. It also focuses on creating positive environments for work and education, empowering individuals for personal growth, and cultivating secure, meaningful digital communities.

Lastly, at the individual level, the strategy encourages active and healthy lifestyles, access to healthy nutrition, mental wellbeing, positive thinking, and essential life skills, setting a comprehensive framework for a happier, healthier UAE.

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